When science meets creativity.
When the complex becomes clear.
When the business world gets the human touch.
Energy is created and working lives are enriched.

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We believe

Experiences can inspire a lasting change in behaviour, culture and engagement

When it comes to creating impactful employee experiences, we focus on three fundamental drivers.


Powerful, inspiring and human stories told in a consistent and compelling way are an essential ingredient.


A network of leaders, line managers and influencers with the content, capabilities and confidence they need to engage.


The right mix of symbolic actions and everyday interventions designed to prime behaviours and trigger desired actions.

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We believe

People are central to successful change initiatives

Our Change Centre of Excellence is a collective of change specialists, communicators, strategists and behavioural scientists. Guided by the data and insights provided by Morphex, we design programmes that activate the most effective change triggers to help people move through the stages of change.


We uncover insights about where people are on their change journeys, using our proprietary diagnostic tool to generate robust data that allows leaders to make smarter decisions.

Behavioural Science

We apply the science of human behaviour to understand how to enable behaviour change.


We develop and deliver creative interventions to trigger actions that move people along the change path to inspire lasting change that drives business goals.

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We believe

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) create better employee experiences

Our DEI Centre of Excellence enables us to shape the positive and inclusive employee experiences a modern workforce expects. Through active listening, engaging communications and practical learning, we’re ensuring DEI is an integral part of people’s working lives.


We create psychologically safe spaces where employees can be part of defining the change we need to create, the barriers to overcome and the behaviours to trigger.


We co-create the right plans, content and interventions to cut through the noise and make the change sustainable.


We provide bespoke learning and development programmes to support leaders and employees, so that they are ready to embrace the change.

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We believe

In the science of human behaviour

Our Behavioural Science Unit enables us to leverage deep expertise in applied psychology to better understand, shape and measure employee behaviour.


Our 7 Drivers framework helps us to understand why employees behave in the way we do.


Our toolkit of strategic and tactical interventions helps us to shape the change we need to create.


Our ability to capture a change in behaviours, attitudes and associations helps us measure the change.

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What we offer

We combine our insight, technology and creativity with a world-class activation

As a part of Inizio Engage, we’ve found a winning combination that creates unforgettable experiences at the moments that matter.


We define an engaging approach that will connect the motivations of your people to the needs of your business.


We find smart solutions to cut through the noise and creative ideas to capture the imagination of the workforce.


From events and films to learning experiences and immersive technologies, we make it real and relevant at the moments that matter.

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  • recruit
  • onboard
  • develop
  • retain

Our people & careers

We’re planners, researchers, project managers and writers. We’re change managers, culture shapers and brand experts

Meet and connect with our Forty1 senior team

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Richard Burton

Managing Partner, Forty1

Hillary Brown

Managing Director, UK

Kristen Erickson

Principal Consultant and Vice President, USA

Elizabeth Bryant

Principal Communications and Engagement Consultant, UK

Richelle Feigin

Vice President, Communications and Engagement, USA

Jason Frank

Senior Communications and Engagement Consultant, UK

Chris Cox

Senior Communications and Engagement Consultant, USA

Charlotte Hall

Programme & Operations Director, UK

Luke-Matthew Iveson

Director of DEI Centre of Excellence, UK

Laura Hunt

Senior Communications and Engagement Consultant, UK

Fiona McDonough

Director, Programme Management, UK

Allen Putman

Senior Communications and Engagement Consultant, USA

With more than 50 people across 2 continents, we’ve brought together a talented and diverse international team with a unique mix of skills and life experiences.

We’re always looking for talented people to join our team.Check out our current vacancies here: https://xd.inizioengage.com/jobs

Our work

Whether it’s defining an employer brand, shaping an organisation’s culture, delivering impactful employee communications or listening to your workforce, there’s lots of ways to create experiences that enrich people’s lives.

Here are just a few examples of the work we love to do

Culture Change Learning for life

By designing a distinctive creative campaign with a bold idea to deliver a behavioural science experiment at its heart, we’re helping a large global pharma business to create moments that encourage their people to embrace a more agile approach to renewing and refreshing the skills they need to thrive.

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Learning for life

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